Sunday, February 22, 2015

Week 2 & 3

On Feb 17, 2015, at 11:20 AM, Ciera Bradley <> wrote:
     I'm so sorry it's taken me forever to get an email out! When I left the MTC we sadly were unable to write that week! And then of course yesterday had to be a holiday, so today is my P-day for this week! So yeah!! I'm in California!! Saying goodbye to everyone in the MTC was really sad! But here I am! I am currently serving in the Palomar YSA in the Escondido area! So basically I'm an LDS missionary and a pro matchmaker....! Haha! So much drama! But really, I love serving here!!! We are more inland and it is GORGEOUS!! We live in beautiful apartments RIGHT next to Cal State!! Which is perfect for finding young single people! Our apartments look like you're walking down the streets of Venice!
     Ohh! My trainer is Sister Edgecomb~ She's the coolest! She's been out for about 9 months now so she really knows what she's doing!! She's like a little librarian, literally... That's what she wants to do when she gets home!! Cool, huh?! :)
     Well, I have to admit this is quite different than I expected... It's also a ton different than theMTC, so there's that..! We have had some really cool things happen so far. I can't share them all but I'll share a few of my favorites!!
     First, I've been CRAZY sick, which has been rough! On the second or third night I was here I woke up at like 3 just so sick, but our sweet Elders came and gave me a blessing which was the coolest, because the spirit works through them to say exactly what I needed to hear! So hopefully I'll continue to feel better!!
     Another cool miracle... Sister Edgecomb and I like to "heart attack" peoples doors,(less-actives, recent converts, investigators). Anyway, we were trying to leave some on one of our recent converts door but her apartments have these huge gates to go through and we didn't have a way in. So we parked our car and walked over to try and go through the man-gate, but that was locked as well. So we decided to pray and ask for someone to come or for a car to pull up and open it. And no lie, the SECOND we opened our eyes the gate opened!!! But no one was around... No car, nothing!! Oh, man it was so cool! And we both got chills, it was so amazing!
     A kind of sad story, I met my first basher Friday night... We were out contacting and the saddest thing to me was that this little girl couldn't have been more that 15 or 16... But oh man, I was insane to feel how quickly the spirit left... It made me want to cry, because I hadn't been without the spirit in so long, to have him leave like that was truly terrible... So basically we bore testimony that God loved her and got the heck outta there!!
     Saturday night we had stake conference adult session and Elder Nelsen came and talked! It's funny though, so before the meeting even started this man came and was talking to me. And I, being naive, was nice and carried on this conversation and guys, let's mention that he's probably 32 or something, so I'm just like, whatever! NO!! Wrong!! So much for the badge being a repellent for men..! I couldn't get away from this dude all night! And he wasn't some creepy looking older dude, he  just kept talking and was flirting so much! I mean, COME ON DUDE!! I'm single, I've chosen to be single! I'm content in my single-ness!! Haha! It was quite hilarious though, SisterEdgecomb and I got a good laugh out of that one!!
     OH MY HEAVENS!!!! Also Saturday night, we were getting ready for bed when we heard noise outside so we were hiding on our balcony and we watch TEN cops with heavy duty weapons and gear take down this guy, RIGHT outside out apartments!!! We were hiding so they couldn't see us but it was AWESOME!! Almost like living in a Castle episode or something!! :)
     Sunday was great too! We blew a tire and had to have our DL's come help us change it! Then during the stake conference Elder Nelsen had all the primary kids stand and sing 'I am a Child of God'. The spirit was SO strong!
     Last night we went tracting and it was my first time!! So scary!! Haha. But really. It was pretty cool!
     And today's our P-day, which is the best thing ever!! We're going bowling later with the Elders and a few members from our ward! I'm excited!
     Anyway, I love and miss you all and hope everyone is doing well!! Just so everyone knows, hand-written letters are the best way to write me if you want a response!! I've got to go now, I hope you all have a great week!
Love always,
Sister Bradley
Moroni 8:3

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